Robert K. Jansen

Sidney F. and Doris Blake Centennial Professor, Section of Integrative Biology
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  • B.S., Biology, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 1976, cum laude
  • Ph.D., Botany, Ohio State University, 1982
  • Postdoc, University of Michigan, 1984-1987

Research Interests

Dr. Jansen studies molecular systematics and evolution, evolution and systematics of the Asteraceae, Campanulaceae, and Geraniaceal chloroplast genome evolution, and the origin and evolution of oceanic island floras.

More information - see a more detailed description of Dr. Jansen's research interests.

Research Group

  • Chris Blazier,
  • Zhengqiu Cai,
  • Debra Hansen,
  • Katie Hansen,
  • Taylor Quedensley,
  • Mao-Lun Weng,
  • Tracey Ruhlman,

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  • Sigma Xi member, 1977-present
  • ISI Highly cited


  • Cosner, M.E., L.A. Raubeson, and R.K. Jansen. 2004. Chloroplast DNA rearrangements in Campanulaceae: phylogenetic utility of highly rearranged genomes. BMC Evolutionary Biology 4: 27. (pdf)
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  • Jansen, R.K., C. Kaittanis, C. Saski, S-B. Lee, J. Tompkins, A. J. Alverson, and, H. Daniell.  2006. Phylogenetic analyses of Vitis (Vitaceae) based on complete chloroplast genome sequences: Effects of taxon sampling and phylogenetic methods on resolving relationships among Rosids. BMC Evolutionary Biology 6: 32. (pdf)
  • Hansen, A. K., L. E. Gilbert, B. B. Simpson, S. R. Downie, A. C. Cervi, and R. K. Jansen.  2006. Phylogenetic relationships and chromosome evolution in tropical Passiflora based on cpDNA trnL/trnT intergenic spacer sequences and distribution of the chloroplast rpoC1 intron.  Systematic Botany 31: 138-150. (pdf)
  • Cai, Z., C. Penaflor, J.V. Kuehl, J. Leebens-Mack, J. Carlson, C.W. dePamphilis, and R.K. Jansen. 2006. Complete plastid genome sequences of Drimys, Liriodendron, and Piper: Implications for the phylogeny of magnoliids. BMC Evolutionary Biology 6:77. (pdf)
  • Timme, R.E., J.V. Kuehl, J.L. Boore, and R.K. Jansen. 2007. A comparison of the first two sequenced chloroplast genomes in Asteraceae: Lettuce and Sunflower. American Journal of Botany 94: 302-312. (pdf)
  • Lee, H-L., R.K. Jansen, T.W. Chumley, and K-j. Kim. 2007. Gene relocations within chloroplast genomes of Jasminum and Menodora (Oleaceae) are due to multiple, overlapping inversions. Molecular Biology and Evolution 24: 1161-1180. (pdf)
  • Jansen, R.K., Cai, Z., Raubeson, L.A., Daniell, H., dePamphilis, C.W., Leebens-Mack, J., Muller, K.F., Guisinger-Bellian, M., Haberle, R.C., Hansen, A.K., Chumley, T.W., Lee, S.-B., Peery, R., McNeal, J., Kuehl, J.V., and Boore, J.L. 2007. Analysis of 81 Genes from 64 Plastid Genomes Resolves Relationships in Angiosperms and Identifies Genome-Scale Evolutionary Patterns. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104: 19369-19374. (pdf)
  • Daniell, H. Wurdack, K.J., Kanagaraj, A., Lee, S-B., Saski, C., and Jansen, R.K. 2008. The Complete Nucleotide Sequence of the Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Chloroplast Genome and Multiple Losses of the atpF Intron in Malpighiales. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 116: 723-737. (pdf)
  • Haberle, R.C., M.L. Fourcade, J.L. Boore, and R.K. Jansen. 2008. Complete chloroplast genome of Trachelium caeruleum: extensive rearrangements are associated with repeats and tRNAs. Journal of Molecular Evolution 66: 350-361. (pdf)
  • Guisinger, M., J.V. Kuehl, J.L. Boore, and R.K. Jansen. 2008. Genome-wide analyses of Geraniaceae plastid DNA reveal patterns of increased nonsynonymous substitutions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 105: 18424-18429. (pdf)
  • Cai, Z., M. Guisinger, H.-G. Kim, E. Ruck, V. McMurtry, J.V. Kuehl, J.L. Boore, and R.K. Jansen. 2008 Extensive reorganization of the plastid genome of Trifolium subterraneum (Fabaceae) is associated with numerous repeated sequences and novel DNA insertions. Journal of Molecular Evolution 67: 6-14. (pdf)
  • Guisinger, M.M., T.W. Chumley, J.V. Kuehl, J.L. Boore, and R.K. Jansen. 2010 Implications of the plastid genome sequence of Typha latifolia (Typhaceae, Poales) for understanding genome evolution in Poaceae. Journal of Molecular Evolution 70: 149-166. (pdf)

More information - see also a full publication list on Dr. Jansen's CV.