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These images of the Campanulaceae are intended to illustrate some of the diversity to be found in the family.  You may copy them for non-profit, educational purposes only, but please contact me first at


I intend to update this page occasionally as better slides become available. I still have many more pictures to add. If you have a better slide of any species in the Campanulaceae and would like to have it displayed on this page please contact me.


1. Adenophora divaricata Franch. & Sav.

26. Campanula rotundifolia L.

51. Merciera eckloniana Buek

76. Siphocodon spartioides Turcz.

2. Adenophora spp. (capsule)

27. Campanula takesimana Nakai

52. Merciera leptoloba A.DC.

77. Symphyandra hofmannii Pant. (inflorescence)

3. Asyneuma canescens (Waldst. & Kit.) Griseb. & Schenk

28. Campanula thyrsoides L. (inflorescence)

53. Merciera tenuifolia var. azurica Adamson

78. Symphyandra hofmannii Pant. (flower)

4. Azorina vidalii (H.C. Watson) Feer (inside of flower)

29. Campanula versicolor Andrews

55. Michauxia tchihatchewii Fischer & C.A. Meyer

79. Symphyandra wanneri Heuff.

5. Azorina vidalii (H.C. Watson) Feer (inflorescence)

30. Campanulastrum americanum (L.) Small (inflorescence)

55. Musschia aurea Dumort.

80. Symphyandra wanneri Heuff.

6. Azorina vidalii (H.C. Watson) Feer (vegetative branching)

31. Canarina canariensis (L.) Vatke

56. Musschia wollastoni Lowe

81. Theilera guthriei Phillips

7. Campanula alsinoides Hook.f. & Thoms.

32. Canarina canariensis (L.) Vatke

57. Nesocodon mauritianus (I.B.K. Richardson) M.Thulin

82. Trachelium caeruleum L.

8. Campanula anchusiflora Smith

33. Canarina canariensis (L.) Vatke

58. Nesocodon mauritianus (I.B.K. Richardson) M.Thulin

83. Wahlenbergia angustifolia A.DC.

9. Campanula arvatica Lag.

34. Codonopsis clematidea C.B. Clarke

59. Ostrowskia magnifica Regel

84. Wahlenbergia campanuloides (Delile) Vatke

10. Campanula aucheri A.D.C.

35. Codonopsis lanceolata (Sieb. & Zucc.) Benth. & Hook.f.

60. Peracarpa carnosa Hook.f. & Thoms.

85. Wahlenbergia ceracea Lothian

11. Campanula barbata L.

36. Codonopsis (Pseudocodonopsis) vinciflora Kom.

61. Petromarula pinnata (L.) A.DC. (inflorescence)

86. Wahlenbergia gloriosa Lothian

12. Campanula choruhensis Kit Tan & Sorger

37. Codonopsis (Pseudocodonopsis) vinciflora Kom.

62. Petromarula pinnata (L.) A.DC. (flowers)

87. Wahlenbergia linifolia A.DC.

13. Campanula edulis Forsk.

38. Craterocapsa tarsodes Hilliard & B.L. Burtt

63. Physoplexis comosus (L.) Schur

88. Wahlenbergia polytrichifolia Schlechter

14. Campanula formanekiana Degen & Doerfler

39. Cyananthus lobatus Wall.

64. Phyteuma spicata L.

89. Wahlenbergia pygmaea Colenso

15. Campanula heterophylla L.

40. Cyananthus sherriffii Cowan

65. Platycodon grandiflorus (Jacq.) A.DC.

90. Wahlenbergia sp.

16. Campanula oreadum Boiss. & Heldr.

41. Diosphaera asperuloides (Boiss. & Orph.) Buser

66. Prismatocarpus diffusus A.DC.

91. Wahlenbergia (Lightfootia) sp.

17. Campanula (Petkovia) orphanidea Boiss.

42. Donatia novae-zelandiae Hook. f. (Donatiaceae)

67. Rhigiophyllum squarrosum Hochst.

92. Wahlenbergia undulata A.DC.

18. Campanula peregrina L.

43. Edraianthus graminifolius (L.) A.DC.

68. Rhigiophyllum squarrosum Hochst (inflorescence)


19. Campanula persicifolia L. (flower)

44. Edraianthus pumilio (Schultes) A.DC

69. Roella amplexicaulis Dod


20. Campanula persicifolia L. (capsule)

45. Feeria angustifolia (Schousboe) Buser

70. Roella arenaria Schlechter


21. Campanula petraea All.

46. Gadellia lactiflora (Bieb.) T.V.Shul'kina,

71. Roella ciliata L.


22. Campanula piperi T.J. Howell

47. Hanabusaya asiatica (Nakai) Nakai

72. Roella ciliata L. (capsules)


23. Campanula primulifolia Brot.

48. Jasione heldreichii Boiss. & Orph. (inflorescence)

73. Roella incurva Banks


24. Campanula pyramidalis L. (inflorescence)

49. Legousia speculum-veneris (L.) Chaix

74. Roucela drabifolia


25. Campanula pyramidalis L. (flower)

50. Leptocodon gracilis Lem.

75. Siphocodon debilis Schlechter



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