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Norma Fowler

Fowler, Norma



Main Office: BIO 108B Phone: (512) 471-1295

Alternate Office: BIO 119 Phone: (512) 471-4546

Mailing Address:
The University of Texas at Austin
Section of Integrative Biology
205 W 24th St
Austin,Texas 78712

Research Lab Members:
  • Andruk, Christina
  • Basham, Tamara
  • Booth, Emily
  • De Jong, Gabriel

  • Research Summary:
    My students and I are currently pursuing a variety of questions in several areas of plant population biology and plant ecology. These areas include (1) the dynamics and regulation of plant populations; (2) competitive and facilitative interactions between plants and their consequences for community structure and for species distributions across their landscape; (3) the effects of herbivory and of fire on plant population dynamics, plant-plant interactions, community structure, and landscape-scale distributions. We address these topics using a variety of plant species (grasses, forbs, woody plants) and communities, including central Texas savannas and woodlands. Field, greenhouse, and garden experiments, descriptive field studies, and theoretical models are among the techniques we have used. A number of our current projects have conservation applications, including the preservation of an endangered annual forb and the management of woodland preserves. Please see our research webpages for more information.

    2012 Fowler, N. L., A. Center, and E. A. Ramsey, Streptanthus bracteatus (Brassicaceae), a rare annual woodland forb, thrives in less cover: evidence of a vanished habitat?, Plant Ecology 213: 1511–1523
    2011 Fowler, N. L., C. F. Best, D. M. Price, and A. L. Hempel, Ecological requirements of the Zapata bladderpod Physaria thamnophila, an endangered Tamaulipan thornscrub plant, Southwestern Naturalist 56: 341-352
    2010 Fowler, N. L., and C. M. Pease, Temporal variation in the carrying capacity of a perennial grass population, American Naturalist 175: 504-512
    2010 Alofs, K. M., and N. L. Fowler, Habitat fragmentation caused by woody plant encroachment inhibits the spread of an invasive grass, Journal of Applied Ecology 47: 338-347
    2009 Fowler, N.L., and M.T. Simmons, Savanna dynamics in central Texas: just succession?, Applied Vegetation Science 12: 23-31
    2004 Russell, F.L., and N.L. Fowler, Effects of white-tailed deer on the population dynamics of acorns, seedlings and small saplings of Qercus buckleyi, Plant Ecology 173: 59-72