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William  Press

Press, William
Professor of Computer Sciences and Integrative Biology
Warren J. and Viola M. Raymer Chair



Main Office: ACE 3.258 Phone: 232-4022

Alternate Office: MBB 3.156 Phone: 232-0844

Mailing Address:
201 E. 24th St. ACES 3.258
1 University Station C0200

Austin,TX 78712-0027

Research Summary:
My work is in computational biology, especially whole-genome studies. My collaborators and I develop and test new algorithms for finding and characterizing functional sequence, and for understanding evolutionary pressures affecting whole genomes. I am also interested in biostatistics, especially data mining on large experimental data sets, and in computational algorithms generally.

2007 W.H. Press, S.A. Teukolsky, W.T. Vetterling, and B.P. Flannery, Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing, Third Edition, (Cambridge University Press) ISBN0521880688: 1-1253 view
2006 W.H. Press, Discrete Radon transform has an exact, fast inverse and generalizes to operations other than sums along lines, PNAS 103: 19249-19254 view
2006 W.H. Press and H. Robins, Isochores Exhibit Evidence of Genes Interacting with the Large-scale Genomic Environment, Genetics 174: 1029-1040 view
2005 H. Robins and W.H. Press, Human microRNAs target a functionally distinct population of genes with AT-rich 3' UTRs, PNAS 102: 15557-15562 view