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Dr. Harold Zakon

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Current and Former Zakon lab members Vancouver 2007

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From left to right: Jörg Oestreich, Lynne McAnelly, Ying Lu, Harold Zakon, Frank Triefenbach, Silke Morin, Preston Few, Greg Lopreato, Troy Smith. Photo taken in Spring 2000.

Current Members of My Lab

Name Email  
Michael Markham Michael pic
Ashlee Rowe Ashlee pic
Ying Lu 3 members pic
MingMing Wu 3 members pic
Benjamin Liebesking (-website-)    
Ammon Thompson  

Former Postdocs and Research Associates

Name Email Web Page
Dr. Kent Dunlap home icon
Dr. Leo J. Fleishman home icon
Dr. Sara Tallarovic    
Dr. Graciela Unguez home icon
Dr. Pedro Weissleder    
Dr. Hong Young Yan home icon

Former Students

Name Email Web Page
Mike Ferrari    
Preston Few    
Greg Lopreato    
Alice Mills    
Silke Morin    
Joerg Oestreich    
John Patterson    
Dorothea Sanchez    
Joe Schaefer    
Frank Triefenbach