The Department of Neuroscience does not have its own graduate program, but rather participates in both the Neuroscience Graduate Program and the Graduate Program in Molecular Biology. Students enrolled in either program can be supervised by, and conduct their PhD dissertation research projects with, members of the Department of Neuroscience. Both programs offer competitive stipends and both offer opportunities for rotations through different labs before deciding on a final home laboratory where they will conduct their dissertation research.

Find out more about the program in Neuroscience and how to apply, visit the
Graduate Program in Neuroscience.


Find out more about the program in Molecular Biology and how to apply to that program, visit the Graduate Program in Cell and Molecular Biology.


If there is one or a few faculty whose research interests you, feel free to contact them: we encourage it! The email address of each faculty member is given on his or her Faculty Page. You can ask them about their research, how they train their students, or inquire about any other issue that you would like to know about. You can also get a good idea about what it would be like to work in the lab of a particular faculty member by contacting his or her current and former students. Feel free to ask any of our faculty for the email addresses of their former students. The email addresses of our current students are given on their Student WebPages. Alternatively, you can contact our chairman, Dan Johnston at:

Neuroscience How to Apply