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Robin Gutell
Professor in Integrative Biology

Main Office: PAT 141MB
Phone: (512) 232-4814

Alternate Office: PAT 141
Alt. Phone: (512) 232-4815

Mailing Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Integrative Biology, 1 University Station - C0990
PAT 141, 2401 Speedway
Austin ,TX 78712

Robin Gutell

Research Summary

The remarkable advances in Nucleic Acid sequencing and Computer technology is transforming Biology to a new level of understanding. We are now attempting to understand many biological and biochemical processes, and complex structures from a molecular sequence and molecular evolution perspective, utilizing computational biology and bioinformatics. Within this new frontier my lab is primarily interested in RNA structure and the evolution of these RNAs.

Currently we are addressing the following topics -

(1) STRUCTURE PREDICTION: RNA secondary and tertiary structure prediction with comparative sequence analysis.
(2) PRINCIPLES OF RNA STRUCTURE: Relationships between RNA sequence and RNA higher order structure.
(3) RNA FOLDING: transforming a single RNA sequence into its biologically correct higher order structure.
(4) PHYLOGENETIC ANALYSIS: Inferring phylogenetic and evolutionary relationships from RNA structures.
(5) DEVELOPMENT OF COMPUTATIONAL METHODS: rCAD - RNA Comparative Analysis Database - SQL-Server, template-based alignment methods, covariation analysis, visualization methods
(6) Comparative RNA Web (CRW) Site: RNA sequence/structure knowledgebase.

The lab seeks an interdisciplinary group of people, with interests in RNA structure, Molecular Biology, Molecular Evolution, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics.



Bio Sci students