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Helmut Koester
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

Main Office: NHB 3.346
Phone: 512-475-7906

Alternate Office: NHB 3.330
Alt. Phone: 475-7936

Mailing Address
Center for Learning and Memory
1 University Station C7000
NMS 4.104
Austin ,TX 78712-0805

Helmut Koester

Research Summary

In the mammalian brain information is encoded by the activity of many neurons. These neurons are part of neuronal networks that consist of a large number of highly interconnected neurons. These networks are highly nonlinear complex system. Understanding how behavioral outcome arises from current sensory input and past experiences requires understanding how the local neuronal networks process incoming information and how this changes with learning. Our research includes establishing technical, experimental and analytical methods to examine neuronal networks by recording the activity from a large number of neurons. Using these tools we examine how information is processed by neuronal networks and how this changes with experience.



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