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John W. La Claire II
Professor, Ph.D.

Main Office: BIO 325
Phone: (512) 471-3577

Alternate Office: BIO 318/318B
Alt. Phone: (512) 475-9727

Mailing Address
The University of Texas at Austin
School of Biological Sciences
1 University Station A6700
Austin ,Texas 78712

John W. La Claire II

Research Summary

We use marine and freshwater algal cells as model systems for studying basic cell and molecular biological questions. Most recently, we have been investigating the molecular genetic basis for harmful blooms of the golden alga (Prymnesium parvum) that have been causing massive fish kills in Texas and around the globe. Using DNA microarray technology, research is aimed at discovering which genes and metabolic pathways are associated with bloom formation and decline, and with levels of toxicity. In this way, molecular biomarkers will be identified for characterizing the metabolic status of this alga using field-collected samples. Also, real-time PCR assays have been developed for DNA-based detection and quantification of this organism, providing the basis for a statewide survey of all major watersheds.



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