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Hugh Forrest
Professor Emeritus, DSC

Main Office: PAT 306
Phone: 512-471-1639

Alternate Office: PAT 

Mailing Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Neurobiology, Section of
1 University Station Stop C0920
Austin ,TX 78712

Hugh Forrest

Research Summary

I have not been active in lab research since I retired around 2000. I have continued to be active in research however as Editor (for the last 40 years) of the international journal "Biochemical Genetics". My research career was largely devoted to the elucidation of the chemical structures of naturally occurring compounds, most prominently biopterin (a reduced form of which is a coenzyme for the synthesis of many important neurotransmitters) and methoxatin (PQQ), the coenzyme of the major enzyme involved in methanol metabolism, and with various aspects of the chemistry and biochemistry of DNA. I was elected a Fellow of The Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1981.



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