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Johann  Eberhart
Associate Professor of Molecular Biosciences

Main Office: PAT 522
Phone: 232-8340

Alternate Office: PAT 519
Alt. Phone: 512-232-8271

Mailing Address
1 University Station
University of Texas at Austin
Austin ,TX 78713

Johann  Eberhart

Research Summary

How does a structure as complex as the vertebrate head form during development? How is variation in facial morphology generated both through evolution and in disease? Research in my lab aims at uncovering answers to these questions, primarily using the zebrafish as a model organism. Using live imaging of developing transgenic embryos we can analyze the cell movements and interactions that drive morphogenesis. We also employ genetics, molecular biology and classic embryology to dissect the regulatory networks underlying facial development. Our goal is to build a comprehensive understanding of the genetic and environmental inputs underlying facial morphogenesis.



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