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Jonathan Pillow
Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Main Office: SEA 4.104
Phone: 512-232-1923

Alternate Office: SEA 5.128
Alt. Phone: 512-232-5010

Jonathan Pillow

Research Summary

My research interests lie at the intersection of computational neuroscience, human visual perception, and machine learning. I am interested in how and what the brain computes, and in developing new mathematical tools for understanding how neurons can efficiently encode the visual world.

My lab develops computational models and conducts psychophysical experiments to test theories of neural coding and visual information processing. We collaborate closely with labs devoted to neurophysiology and fMRI, applying Bayesian statistical methods to study neural population responses in the visual pathway. Current research topics include: neural decoding methods, population coding, human motion perception, theoretical models of adaptation, natural scene statistics, and unsupervised learning with spike trains.



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