About the Greenhouse Facilities!

Most of the Biology and Botany greenhouse and related facilities at the University of Texas at Austin come under the auspices of the College of Natural Sciences. The facilities function to provide an environment for a wide range of plant families that are used by undergraduate biology classes and labs, primarily for systematics, plant evolution, and plant physiology labs, and to provide controlled environments for graduate, post graduate, and faculty research. Native plant beds are used by native plant Biology classes, entomology classes, as well as ecology classes within the Geography Department. The undergraduate facilities are also occasionally used for outreach science programs for local school system tours and more rarely, local garden clubs.

Greenhouse FlowerWe maintain the standing plant collection, and help maintain various research projects, while also offering input and advice when requested by students or faculty on horticultural aspects of the plants involved with their research. All pest management functions of all facilities are handled by the Schools Horticulturists. We stock and maintain inventory of the supplies needed by all plant projects and collections. We facilitate University maintenance on all facilities under our care, and work with the School concerning funding necessary for that maintenance or for any expansion or upgrade projects. We periodically assist with the maintenance of the aquatic plants and bog garden plants in the area known as The Turtle Ponds. Occasionally we offer advice to the general public and University with questions regarding horticulture and landscape plants and their growth.

greenhouse Flower Turtle Pond Turtle Pond 2 Flower