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Michael J. Ryan

Ryan, Michael J.
Clark Hubbs Regents Professor in Zoology



Main Office: PAT 107 Phone: (512) 471-5078

Alternate Office: PAT 108 Phone: (512) 475-6164

Mailing Address:
The University of Texas at Austin
Section of Integrative Biology
1 University Station C0930
Austin,Texas 78712

Research Lab Members:
  • Baugh, Alexander

  • Research Summary:
    Dr. Ryan studies animal behavior. Most of his work has addressed sexual selection and communication in frogs and fish. He is especially interested in integrating an understanding of the mechanisms of communication involved in mate attraction with the evolutionary consequences of sexual selection. More information - see a longer description (with pictures) of Dr. Ryan's research interests and more information on the Ryan lab.

    2008 Cummings ME, Bernal XE, Reynaga R, Rand AS, Ryan MJ., Visual sensitivity to a conspicuous male cue varies by reproductive state in Physalaemus pustulosus females., J Exp Biol. 211: 1203-10
    2008 Baugh AT, Akre KL, Ryan MJ., Categorical perception of a natural, multivariate signal: mating call recognition in túngara frogs., Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 105: 8985-8
    2007 Ryan MJ, Bernal XE, Rand AS., Patterns of mating call preferences in túngara frogs, Physalaemus pustulosus., J Evol Biol. 20: 2235-2247
    2007 Ryan MJ, Akre KL, Kirkpatrick M., Mate choice., Curr Biol. 17: R313-6
    2007 Pfennig KS, Ryan MJ., Character displacement and the evolution of mate choice: an artificial neural network approach., Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 362: 411-419
    2007 Hoke KL, Ryan MJ, Wilczynski W., Integration of sensory and motor processing underlying social behaviour in túngara frogs., Proc Biol Sci. 274: 641-649
    2007 Bernal XE, Page RA, Rand AS, Ryan MJ., Cues for Eavesdroppers: Do Frog Calls Indicate Prey Density and Quality?, Am Nat. 169:
    2007 Boul KE, Funk WC, Darst CR, Cannatella DC, Ryan MJ., Sexual selection drives speciation in an Amazonian frog., Proc Biol Sci. 274: 399-406