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Howard Ochman

Ochman, Howard



Main Office: NMS 4.110 Phone:

Research Summary:
We apply experimental, comparative and computational approaches to investigate the factors contributing to the evolution of bacterial genomes and microbial communities. Some of our current projects investigate: 1. The role of adaptive and non-adaptive processes in bacterial genome evolution 2. The causes and consequences of genome reduction in bacterial pathogens 3. The origins of new genes and functional complexity 4.The microbial community diversity residing in Great Ape hosts

2013 Kelkar, Y. and H. Ochman , Genome reduction promotes increase in protein functional complexity in bacteria., Genetics 193: 303-307
2012 Raghavan, R., Y. Kelkar and H. Ochman , A selective force favoring increased G+C content in bacterial genes, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109: 14504-14507
2012 Moeller, A.H., P.H. Degnan, A.E. Pusey, M.L. Wilson, B.H. Hahn, and H. Ochman, Chimpanzees and humans harbor compositionally similar gut enterotypes., Nature Communications 3: 1179-1184