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Integrative Biology Events and Seminars
Molly Cummings - IB Promotion Seminar

September 4, 2pm
NHB 1.720

SEMINAR TITLE: “Sex, Lies and Videopolarimetry: Unravelling Mechanisms of Communication and Crypsis in Fish Brains and Skin”
Contact: Theresa Barnes

Tim Keitt - IB Promotion Seminar

September 11, 2pm
NHB 1.720

SEMINAR TITLE: Modeling biological process in a heterogeneous and changing environment
Contact: Theresa Barnes

Dr. Rob DeSalle, American Museum of Natural History

September 18, 2pm
NHB 1.720

SEMINAR TITLE: "Genomic Challenges to Modern Systematics"

HOST: Professor Howard Ochman

Contact: Theresa Barnes

Owen Gilbert - IB University of Texas

September 25, 2pm
NHB 1.720

SEMINAR TITLE: "The evolution of histocompatibility."
Contact: Connor Graham