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Integrative Biology Events and Seminars
Jack Williams, University of Wisconsin- Madison

April 3, 2pm
NHB 1.720

Title: Spatial responses of plant species and communities to rapid and novel climate change: the last deglaciation as model system

Host: Keitt


Noah Whiteman, University of Arizona

April 10, 2pm
NHB 1.720

Title: "The evolution of herbivory in insects: macroevolutionary patterns and microevolutionary processes"

Host: Moran


Emily Duval, Florida State University

April 17, 2pm
NHB 1.720

Title: "Causes and consequences of variable female mate choice in a lek mating system"

Host: Ryan


Kim Ritchie, Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, Florida

April 24, 2pm
NHB 1.720

Title: Multipartide Symbiosis in Corals
Host: Matz