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Some Recent Publications from the Zakon Lab


Hormonal Regulation of Ion Channels

Markham MR, McAnelly ML, Stoddard PK, Zakon HH (2009)  Circadian and Social Cues Regulate Ion Channel Trafficking PLoS Biol 7(9): e1000203.

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Molecular Evolution of Ion Channels

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Long-term Plasticity of Ion Channels

Oestreich J, Zakon HH (2002) The long-term resetting of a brainstem pacemaker nucleus by synaptic input: a model for sensorimotor adaptation. J. Neurosci. 22(18): 8287-8296.

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Development & Evolution of Electric Organ

Unguez GA, Zakon HH (2002) Skeletal muscle transformation into electric organ in S. macrurus depends on innervation. J. Neurobiology 53: 391-402.

Hormones & Behavior

Few, WP, Zakon, HH (2001) Local action of androgens and androgen receptor expression in the electric organ of a weakly electric fish. Hormones & Behavior, 40: 434-442.

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Recent Reviews

Zakon HH (2002) Convergence on the molecular level. Brain, Behavior and Evolution. 59: 250-261.

Zakon HH (2003) Insights into the mechanisms of neuronal processing from electric fish. Current Opinions in Neurobiology 13: 744-750.