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Some Recent Publications from the Agarwala Lab

Agarwala, S and Ragsdale, C.W., (2007). Midbrain Patterning. The New Enclopedia of Neuroscience. L. Squires (Ed. In chief).

Bayly, R.D., Ngo, M., Aglayamova, G.V., and Agarwala, S., (2007). Regulation of ventral midbrain patterning by Hedghog signaling., Development. 134:2115-2124.

Aglayamova, G.V., and Agarwala, S., (2007). Gene expression analysis of the Hedghog signaling cascade in the chick midbrain and spinal cord. Dev. Dynamics. 236: 1363-1373.

Agarwala, S, Aglyamova, G.V., Marma, A.K., Fallon, J.F., and Ragsdale, C.W. (2005). Dorso-ventral patterning and floor plate development are differentially affected in talpid2 midbrain and spinal cord. Dev. Biol, 288: 206-220.

Agarwala, S., and Ragsdale, C.W (2002). Agarwala, S., and Ragsdale, C.W. ((2002). A Role for Midbrain Arcs in Nucleogenesis. Development, 129: 5779-5788.

Agarwala, S., Sanders, T.A., and Ragsdale, C.W., (2001). Sonic Hedgehog control of size, shape and position in midbrain pattern formation. Science, 291: 2147-2149.