Chairman's Message

Dr. Daniel Johnston

The Department of Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Austin is comprised of a diverse group of faculty with research interests in molecular, cellular, behavioral, and computational neuroscience, all with the goal of elucidating the mechanisms underlying brain function and thereby providing a deeper understanding of brain disease and cognitive disorders.  Our Department has strong basic neuroscience research programs investigating areas including learning and memory, addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Down syndrome, and epilepsy.  These strengths will be leveraged into translational research programs through the Dell School of Medicine that is currently under construction.

To meet the needs of students with diverse interests, the Department offers four undergraduate degree programs through the College of Natural Sciences (BS in Neuroscience, BS in Biology with a Neurobiology emphasis, BSA in Neuroscience, and Honors in Neuroscience).  Faculty in the Department also train graduate (PhD) students who have been accepted into the multidisciplinary Neuroscience Graduate Program, as well as the Graduate Program in Cell and Molecular Biology.

The mission of the Department is summarized below:

  • To extend scientific knowledge of the mechanisms governing brain function and improve the human condition by contributing toward the foundation of knowledge that is essential for understanding disorders of the brain including, brain injury, developmental disorders, neurodegenerative disease, aging and psychiatric disorders

  • To foster collaborative translational research programs with clinical programs and to integrate the diverse and complementary fields relevant to the study of neuroscience

  • To provide undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with un-paralleled education and scientific training and prepare them to be future pioneers in the field of neuroscience

   -Daniel Johnston