Explanation of the Flora of Texas database

This database provides specimen label data from the University of Texas herbaria (TEX and LL). Almost all specimens were checked by Dr. B. L. Turner for correct identification and nomenclature. Essentially all Texas specimens in the TEX and LL herbaria have been databased and are available for searching, with the exception of some specimens out on loan and very recent accessions. Texas type specimens are not included but are available separately at the TEX/LL type database (for an explanation of the TEX-LL type database, click here.) A small number of species/county records were inadvertently skipped early in the database project; this problem will be corrected in the future. Questions about this or any problem may be directed to the email address given below.

Data from over 191,000 specimens are now entered (May 2008). Reaching this level has involved the work of many people. Dr. Beryl Simpson and Dr. Carol Todzia secured funding. Dr. B. L. Turner reviewed all Texas material for correct identification and nomenclature, and many student workers helped in the subsequent annotation of the specimens, especially Kellie Kutach, Kathy Loh, Kellie Pai, and Laurel Klein. Especially to be thanked are the fine and careful databasers, many of them graduate or undergraduate students, here listed in rough order of the number of specimens databased [as of 5/2008]: over 50,000 specimens, Krista Jenkins; over 30,000, Marjorie Epler; 13,000-20,000, Anne Van Nest, Jennifer Tate, Grace Chow, Heidi Meudt; up to 10,000, Kellie Pai, Kathryn Turner, Andrea Weeks, Leah Larkin, Emily Hueske, Michael Aiuvalasit, Joanne Birch, Annie Van Zant, Cynthia Fung, Martin Timana. Day-to-day coordination and data editing was originally handled by Carol Todzia and now Tom Wendt, and some data editing by Jennifer Tate.

Fields available for browsing are mostly self-explanatory. A few pointers follow:

Two different options for output of search results are available:

Full-data ("Classic") version: output of search results is presented in extremely condensed form, listed 25 specimens at a time, and complete specimen data can then be obtained one specimen at a time from that list.

Slightly condensed, more easily printable version: output is listed 25 specimens at a time with most but not all data in a condensed format. This format is best when a list of specimens is to be printed.

If the taxon you are searching for appears to get no results, click here to look for alternative names under which to search.

For more detailed search options, contact the Plant Resources Center.

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