1. Can you perform electrical installations?

Electrical installations are generally the responsibility of Facilities Services or outside contractors. The reattachment of a fixture and cord-and-plug type installations are usually within acceptable limits of this department.

2. Can I bring stuff from my house for you to repair?

This departments responsibilities extend only to UT owned equipment. Work performed on personal items is strictly forbidden by UT policy.

3. Can you design something for me?

Consultations for design work are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Completion time frames must be flexible as repair of equipment is considered priority.

4. Do you ever work after hours?

Normal working hours are from 7am - 4pm, Monday - Friday, with usual lunch from 12pm - 1pm. Occasional emergencies or unusual circumstances may require later and/or earlier operating hours.

5. Do you do plumbing?

Plumbing lines or piping integral to equipment is usually the responsibility of this department. Lines which connect feed from building utilities generally belong to Facilities Services.

6. Can you repair my freezer/refrigerator?

Facilities Services generally provides service on this type of equipment which requires specific licensure.  If you are uncertain who to call, please notify us and we will be happy to make the determination. Sometimes, there are mechanical or electrical issues that we can resolve and avoid a call to Facilities Services.

7. Do you work on autoclaves/sterilizers or dishwashers?

Autoclaves/Sterilizers and most dishwashers are the responsibility of Facilities Services. Usually, a tag indicating that Facilities Services is the designated repair entity, an equipment ID number, as well as the number to call for service, is displayed on the equipment. Some stand-alone units that are not hardwired/piped to building utilities may be serviced by this department.

8.) Do you work on vacuum pumps?

Vacuum pumps are not usually serviced by this department; however we do service most aspiration pumps.