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Storeroom Forms and Instructions

Attention!Attention! We do not take Special Orders over the phone and once purchased there are no refunds or returns on the special order items.

Any questions or requests can be sent to us at or

special order formSBS Storeroom Issue Slip


Please download and print (in portrait) the form you will be using and follow the forms details below:

  1. Date: This is the date when you visit storeroom to buy items.
  2. Your Name: This is where your name goes.
  3. EID: This is where your UT EID goes for identification purposes.
  4. Department: Every professor is associated with at least one department. This is where the name of the department goes.
  5. DO NOT use research groups here!
  6. Charge to: The Charge Numbers are located at the checkout stand.
  7. Grant Acct #: This is the grant # you will charge the items to. ONLY if these items are for a class, then you DO NOT need a grant number.
  8. Professor: Name of the professor whose grant account number is used in the form.
  9. Class #: ONLY fill this out if these items are you are buying are for a class. Classes ONLY do not need a grant number
  10. Stock Number: Enter the tag number which is found underneath each item.
  11. Item Description: Located on stock number tag.
  12. Quantity: How many are you taking? Most items are sold individually.
    -- For example, refer to the chemical and general inventory lists.
    -- So, a box of pencils would be 144 for 'Quantity', NOT just 1.
  13. Prices: They are found in the red folder below the checkout shelf.