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Media Equipment


Attention! School of Biological Sciences Multimedia Check-out Policy
Multimedia equipment from the School of Biological Sciences Storeroom is for use by the faculty, staff and students within the School of Biological Sciences for official University of Texas activities and occasions.

  1. All equipment is released to users per the following priority order. This priority order exists due to the fact that all funding for the equipment is derived from student fees.
    1. Undergraduate classes
    2. Doctoral Defense
    3. Seminars
    4. Everything else, such as lab meetings, presentation practice, other research
      uses and official gatherings/parties.
  2. Reservations are advised and a 3 to 4-day lead-time is preferred. This helps to insure the equipment will be available when needed. Be aware that if a higher priority need arises, the equipment may not be available, but this is rare. Reservations help prevent these problems, since they allow us to make assessments ahead of your event to insure your equipment will be available.
  3. All equipment is intended for short-term use. Sign-outs that are overnight or longer must get prior approval from permanent storeroom staff.
  4. Equipment should always be promptly returned at the time indicated by the user
  5. Undergraduates must have written approval from a faculty or staff (TA) member to have equipment sign out privileges. Undergraduate sign outs are the responsibility of the Faculty or Staff whom provided the permission. Dates of undergraduate permission should be provided, and if permission is removed, the storeroom should be promptly notified.
  6. University of Texas ID cards are required for all media checkouts.
  7. Individuals that sign out equipment from the School of Biological Sciences Storeroom are responsible for the safety and condition of the equipment taken. Thus, persons who damage or lose equipment or accessories to the equipment will be held accountable and can be charged.
  8. Violations of the School of Biological Sciences Multi-media policy can lead to the loss of media equipment use privileges.
  9. All media equipment sign-outs must be to the person taking the equipment. An individual may not sign out equipment under another person’s name.

Media user agreement

Multimedia Check-out

The storeroom has various media equipment that can be checked out for a limited duration.
The equipment are as follows:

  • Digital cameras
  • Windows Laptops
  • Mac Laptops
    Attention!Attention! Due to the "Restricted Network" we cannot offer Wireless on any of the Laptops for numerous "security reasons".

  • Digital Video cameras (High definition version available)
  • LCD Projectors
  • We also provide support tools for checkout like:
    • Extension cords,
    • Laser pointers,
    • Mac dongles,
    • portable screens,
    • and tripod stands
    tripod HDCamera projector
    Mac D-Cam PC

Note: To sign out equipment for more than a day, you can contact Robert Durci either by phone or email.