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Storeroom Procedures & FAQ's

Location: The Storeroom is located at NHB 1.502.

Attention!Attention! Prior to entry into the Storeroom you should remove all lab coats, gloves and potentially contaminated articles.

Step 1
Upon entry into the storeroom you acquire a clipboard that will be placed visibly on a table, and fill it out as instructed starting with the Professor's account number. (Form instructions are located on the forms page of the site).

Step 2
Freely move around the storeroom and retrieve any item you wish to buy. If you require assistance, or you would like to get something from the fridges, freezers, or cabinets we manage, ask the storeroom assistants for help.

Step 3
When you are finished purchasing be sure to have the necessary information filled out on the form and then have one of the storeroom assistants sign on it, and give you your receipt.

Special Orders
If you would like to purchase something from the storeroom that we do not carry, fill out the special order form and have it checked out by one of the Storeroom assistant, to make sure its placed correctly.

We do not take Special Orders over the phone and once purchased there are no refunds or returns on the special order items.