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C. Randal Linder
Associate Professor

Main Office: BIO 110A
Phone: (512) 471-7825

Alternate Office: BIO 109
Alt. Phone: (512) 471-7826

Mailing Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Section of Integrative Biology
1 University Station C0930
Austin ,Texas 78712

C. Randal Linder

Research Summary

My research focuses on three areas: the evolution of complex character traits in a phylogenetic context, the genetic architecture of species, and genetic maternal effects in seeds. I use modern molecular techniques, computer modeling, and traditional experimental approaches. My primary work is the evolution of angiosperm seed-oil composition. I study the selective forces that have generated the wide variety of oil in seeds, especially the balance between saturated and unsaturated oils. I am also involved in a project with Dr. Loren Rieseberg of Indiana University to develop simulation models that test how different levels and types of selection affect the genetic architecture of hybrids and populations experiencing introgression. Finally, I am using Brassica rapa (a wild mustard) as a model system to test how maternal effects influence the fitness and performance of seeds. Students interested in working with me need not work on the same organisms or issues that I do. I encourage independent and original thought, so I am open to almost any project within my areas of expertise.



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