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Eyal Seidemann
Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Main Office: SEA 4.204
Phone: 512-232-6052

Alternate Office: ARC 1.140
Alt. Phone: 232-9052

Mailing Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Psychology
1 University Station
Austin ,TX 78712

Eyal Seidemann

Research Summary

The central goal of my research is to understand how perceptual events and motor plans are represented and processed in the primate cerebral cortex. To address these questions, we employ a novel combination of optical imaging and electrophysiological techniques in awake, behaving primates. Our ability to record optically from the cortex of alert animals puts us in a unique position; it allows us to directly visualize cortical activity in real-time, while subjects perform demanding perceptual or motor tasks. We then build computational models that attempt to explain how the measured neural activity could lead to the observed behavior. Finally, we test the predictions of these quantitative models by measuring how perceptual judgments or motor plans change following selective manipulations of the neural response using electrical microstimulation or pharmacological microinjections.



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