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Blerta Xhemalce
Assistant Professor

Main Office: NMS 2.312
Phone: 471-0461

Alternate Office: NMS 2.236
Alt. Phone: 471-0461

Mailing Address
The University of Texas at Austin
2506 Speedway, stop A5000
Austin ,TX 78712

Blerta Xhemalce

Research Summary

The Xhemalce lab aims to decipher how epigenetic modifications modulate the molecules that mediate the expression of genetic information from DNA to RNA to proteins, with a particular focus on the microRNA pathway. The lab's ultimate goal is to identify enzymes "writers" or "erasers" of epigenetic modifications that are potential targets for therapeutic drugs for the treatment of human diseases such as cancer. One such enzyme is BCDlN3D, which Dr. Blerta Xhemalce recently showed to be a methyltransferase that regulates processing of microRNAs by Dicer through direct methylation of their RNA precursors.



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