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Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Native Plant Society of Texas, Austin Chapter
Brackenridge Field Lab
Wild Basin Preserve
Travis Country Extension Office
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Texas Parks and Wildlife
Texas Soils
Vegetable IPM Pest Management
Travis County Butterfly Checklist
Butterfly Gardening in Central Texas
Howard Garrett
City of Austin Water Conservation Department
Texas Master Gardener's Association
Austin Organic Gardeners
KLRU Central Texas Gardener
The Victory Garden
Zilker Botanical Center
San Antonio Botanical Center
Texas Gardener Magazine
The Natural Gardener
It's About Thyme Nursery
Barton Springs Nursery
The Great Outdoors
It's a Jungle
Yucca Doo Nursery
Native Texas Nursery
Far South Nursery
McNeal Growers
Madrone Nursery
Antique Rose Emporium
Native American Seed Co
Wildseed Farms
Austin Fern and Cycad Society
Stengl Lost Pines Biological Station

Herbarium / Plant Resources Center:
Our own Herbarium holds a reputation as one of the finest: “The Plant Resources Center (TEX-LL) with over 1,000,000 specimens is the largest herbarium in the southwestern United States and ranks fifth among U.S. university herbaria and twelfth across the nation. TEX-LL, with about a quarter of its specimens from Texas, has the largest holdings of Texas plants in the world. Nearly one half of the specimens at TEX-LL are from Latin America, with an especially strong representation of Mexico and northern Central America. Presently the number of vascular plant collections inserted in the herbarium is growing at an approximate rate of 16,400 specimens per year.”

                        Director: B. B. Simpson,  
                                    MAI 127 or BIO 112, A6700, 471-7335
                        Associate Director: Jose Panero, BIO 101, 232-1990
                        Curator: Thomas Wendt,
                                    MAI 127,
                        Associate Curator: Lindsay Woodruff,
                                    MAI 127,             
UT School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture Program:
UT’s esteemed School of Architecture has started a new master’s degree plan in Landscape Architecture:
Useful Wild Plants:
Begun years ago by Scooter Cheatham, The Useful Wild Plants (UWP) Project sets a standard for studying plant uses throughout the world. The multi-volume work titled: The Useful Wild Plants of Texas, the Southeastern and Southwestern United States, the Southern Plains, and Northern Mexico is the definitive economic botany study for the southern half of the United States and northern Mexico.