The Department of Integrative Biology is an academic unit whose faculty have teaching and research interests in Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, Population Biology, and Systematics. The department includes 40 faculty who work on a wide diversity of organisms including animals, bacteria, and plants.

The Department of Integrative Biology is housed primarily in two buildings: Patterson Labs and Biological Laboratories. Faculty laboratories in these buildings include state of the art facilities for performing research in behavior, ecology, evolutionary biology, and systematics. A number of Organized Research Units are associated with the section, including the Plant Resources Center (PRC), Texas Memorial Museum (TMM), and the Brackenridge Field Laboratory (BFL). The PRC and TMM provide a large and diverse collection of museum specimens for use by faculty and students. BFL and its satellite, Stengl Station, provide opportunities for performing field studies very close to the UT campus.

Areas of research in the section include animal behavior, behavioral ecology, biomechanics, community ecology, conservation biology, developmental genetics, empirical and theoretical population genetics, floristics, functional morphology, molecular evolution, neuroendocrinology, plant-animal interactions, phylogenetics, population ecology, quantitative genetics, systematics, and tropical ecology. Detailed research interests of the individual faculty members can be found on the faculty web pages.


blinded by science podcast 01/03/14 - Blinded with Science Podcast.
Bill Press

11/26/13 - Bill Press elected fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Nancy Moran 11/25/13 - Nancy Moran has been awarded a lifetime contribution prize from the International Society for Microbial Ecology.
Singing Mice 09/25/13 - Singing Mice Protect Their Turf with High-Pitched Tunes.

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Ecology Search for Assistant Professor- closed: files are being reviewed.

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Dr. Anna Dornhaus, University of Arizona
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Dr. Marcos Gridi-Papp, University of the Pacific
October 16, 2pm at NHB 1.720

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