David Hillis

Alfred W. Roark Centennial Professor, Section of Integrative Biology
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  • B.S., Baylor University, 1980
  • M.A., University of Kansas, 1983
  • M.Ph., University of Kansas, 1984
  • Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1985

Research Interests

The study of evolution of biotic diversity is the focus of my research. Most of my research concerns use of molecular genetic techniques to study relationships among populations, species, and higher taxa. Some of my general areas of interest are phylogenetic relationships, speciation patterns and mechanisms, molecular evolution (including the use of experimental systems), and the consequences of hybridization and hybrid zones. Although I am interested in and work on all organisms, most of my research involves amphibians, reptiles, fishes, molluscs, and viruses. My graduate students and postdocs work on many other groups as well.

More information - see also the Bull and Hillis Lab web page.


  • BIO 455L Vertebrate Natural History
  • BIO 458L Systematics
  • BIO 369L/BIO 384K.3 Herpetology
  • BIO 384K.14 Advanced Systematics
  • BIO 484K Computational Phylogenetics and Applications to Biology (I and II)
  • BIO 385K Advanced Biology for Math and Computer Science Graduate Students


  • 2008, Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
  • 2000, Elected Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • 1999, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Fellow
  • 1987, Presidential Young Investigator Award, National Science Foundation


Visit Lab Page for a list of my peer-reviewd papers, including downloadable PDF's.


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  • BIO 2010: Transforming Undergraduate Education for Future Research Biologists. 2003. L. Stryer, R. Breslow, J. Gentile, D. Hillis, J. Hopefield, N. Kopell, S. Long, E. Penhoet, J. Steitz, C. Stevens, and S. Ward. National Research Council, Washington, D.C. 191 pp.
  • Life: The Science of Biology, 8th ed. 2008. D. Savada, H.C. Heller, G. H. Orians, W.K. Purves, and D. M. Hillis. Sinauer Associates and W.H. Freeman, Sunderland and New York.

Compact Discs (Educational Resources for Teachers)

  • Hillis, D.M. 2000. Unique and Endangered Animals of Central Texas. Outreach Lecture Series, College of Natural Sciences, University of Texas at Austin, Volume 9.
  • Hillis, D.M. 2007. DNA in Hollywood: Fact, Fiction, and Future. Outreach Lecture Series, Environmental Sciences Institute, University of Texas at Austin, Volume 49.