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New to BioSci - Getting Started Checklist

Welcome to The School of Biological Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin! To help you get started and connected here's a list to assist you with what you need to do within your first month on the job.

Your First Day

arrow You'll want to visit the university's "Getting Started: New Employee Checklist" page.

arrow Get your ID Card and EID - Go to the ID Center, located on the first floor of the FAC, to get your ID card and high-assurance UT Electronic Indentification (EID). This first step is very important. You'll need your high-assurance EID to access most online services. Be sure they get Proximity access from your building manager. This will allow you entrance into your building outside of daytime hours.

arrowComplete "My Paycheck Profile" (EID required) - This handles your PO-8, W-4, paycheck distribution, and other related items.

arrowEmployment Eligibility - Review the lists of acceptable identification and work eligibility documents the complete and return section 1 of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9 Form) [PDF] to your department.

(For more information UT offers an I-9 Training presentation.)

You must also provide these identification and work eligibility documents to your department by the third work day.

arrowAcknowledge the Ethics Statement - You can complete the (English version online, El español forma debe ser devuelto a su departamento.

arrowSelective Service Eligibility If you're male, fill out a Selective Service Eligibility and Verification Form [PDF] and return it to your department. If you're a male between the ages of 18 and 25 you also need to provide a copy of your verification.

arrowDriving record - If you'll be driving a university vehicle, see the UTDRIVERS Web site for information on required driver's training.

arrowConflicts of Interest Policy - Read both the policy and the statute of law concerning conflicts of interest within three business days.
NOTE: Subchapter C,  572.051.(c)(2)(A) specifies, “Each state agency shall distribute a copy of the ethics policy and this subchapter to each new employee not later than the third business day after the date the person begins employment with the agency.”

Your First Week

arrowEmployee Information - Complete your employee biographical information and your veteran status information.

arrowNew Employee Orientation - If you're benefits eligible, register for New Employee Orientation. Read more about New Employee Orientation.

arrowInsurance Selections - After receiving insurance information and forms in the new employee orientataion, you must make your insurance selections and return the completed forms to the Human Resource Service Center within the first 31 calendar days of employment. Otherwise, you'll default into the basic coverage package (full-time employees only; part-time employees will forfeit insurance coverage altogether if the forms aren't submitted).

arrowCompliance Training - Begin your compliance training. The Sexual Harassment and Equal Employment Opportunity modules are mandated by the state. but the remaining modules are required by the university. For alternate methods of taking the training, call the compliance training coordinator at 512-232-7842.

arrowRead the Employee Compliance Guide - Print and return the signed acknowledgment form to your department.

arrowSupervisor Meeting - Talk with your supervisor about your job description, performance expectations, probationary period, and performance evaluation.

arrowE-mail Account - Sign up for your free employee e-mail account. You must have an active appointment and a completed My Paycheck Profile to activate your e-mail account.

arrowBioSci Account - Sign up for your BioSci account. Request a BioSci account and request to be added to the SBS directory. Your BioSci account will allow you access to the BioSci server space for file storage, courses and web space.

arrowKeys and Building Access - Please review the following procedure and contact page for SBS Keys and Building Access details. Pick up your key(s) in person.

arrowParking Permit - Get your parking permit in person at the Parking and Transportation Services offices. Remember to take the form given to you by your department. If you don't plan to commute by car, check out alternative transportation options.

arrowTimesheets - Go to your electronic timesheets and choose the appropriate reporting group in the timesheet system, if necessary. Ask your supervisor if you're unsure which group to choose.

Your First Month

arrowInsurance Forms - If you're benefits eligible, return your completed insurance and retirement forms to Benefit Services. If you don't return the forms within the first 31 calendar days of your employment, you'll default into the basic coverage package (full-time employees), or you'll forfeit your insurance coverage altogether (part-time employees).

arrowCompliance Training - Make sure you've completed your compliance training.

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