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Student Views

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Kiersten Andrews Kiersten Andrews
Undergraduate, Clinical Laboratory Science option
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

What created your interest in Biology?

I have loved biology ever since I took an anatomy class in high school. We were able to dissect cats and something about the whole experience made biology seem real, rather than just something you learn in a text book.


What do you enjoy most about your studies or research?

Research is such an awesome way to make all the information you learn in classes and student laboratories come to life. It makes school feel more like job-training, rather than just another day at school. It also gives students an opportunity for exposure to professionals in the field, as well as a more realistic idea of what one could do when he or she graduates.


Why did you choose UT's School of Biological Sciences?

As an out-of-state student, I was excited about warm weather, but of course that is not the only reason I chose UT! When I graduated from high school I knew I wanted to go into the health field, but that was about all I knew. UT offered a huge variety of biology degrees with which I could explore my interests. I initially chose Biochemistry as my major, because I enjoyed biology and chemistry so much in high school. I realized pretty quickly that chemistry was not my strong point, so a biology advisor helped me to switch to CLS. I was skeptical about the major at first, but it was the best thing I ever did!


What's your favorite research tool?

Definitely the journal article search tools that are online, such as PubMed. The articles are anyone’s resource to the latest research and studies performed by professionals, and the search tools make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.


What are your career goals?

I really enjoy public health and am currently in debate about whether to attend medical school or public health school. Either way, I would love to work for a public health organization such as the CDC or WHO.


Are there any awards or special events related to your work that you'd like to share?

I received the University Co-op award for excellence in health/social sciences research at the Undergraduate Research Forum. This is a great opportunity for students to expose their research to professionals inside and outside the UT community.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love running and am currently training for a marathon. I also enjoy volunteering, visiting with family and friends, and pretty much any activity that allows me to be outside.


What fun activity would you recommend to an incoming UT student?

I would recommend taking time to experience the city of Austin. Viewing the Mount Bonnell overlook, watching the bats under the Congress bridge, and taking a swim in the ice-cold Barton springs pool are all a must!



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