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Student Views

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Elizabeth Diltz Elizabeth Diltz
Undergraduate, Cell & Molecular Biology option
Hometown: Terrell, Texas

What created your interest in Biology?

I've always loved learning about the "little things". There's something rewarding about understanding on a microscopic level how and why your body responds in a certain way or how a specific enzyme works.


What do you enjoy most about your studies or research?

I just love learning and the fact that I'll later be able to use what I'm studying to help people.


Why did you choose UT's School of Biological Sciences?

I actually only looked at UT. UT is a great school and is where I wanted to go.


What's your favorite research tool?

The Internet. So much is available in one place, from basic definitions to complete journal articles.


What are your career goals?

I am currently interviewing for medical school. Being one of the doctors who truly enjoys their work and cares for their patients has always been an aspiration of mine.


Are there any awards or special events related to your work that you'd like to share?

I researched for three semesters. I never received a publication, but hopefully my research will be helpful to others in the future.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I hang out with my friends and boyfriend, and always make time to visit family in the area.


What fun activity would you recommend to an incoming UT student?

Go kayaking on Town Lake. Sometimes you just need to get away and enjoy the outdoors.



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