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Faculty Profiles

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Seema Agarwala
Associate Professor


During embryogenesis, neurons learn of their cell-fates and are assigned to specific brain nuclei (nucleogenesis), which organize brain connectivity and function. Little is known about how such ... Seema Agarwala

Richard Aldrich
Professor of Neuroscience
Karl Folkers Chair in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research II
The National Academy of Sciences, member


Ion channels are the molecular units of electrical signaling in cells. They are proteins that regulate the movement of ions--such as sodium, calcium, and potassium--into and out of cells. They are ... Richard Aldrich

Bill Allen
Lecturer, Ph.D.

Bill Allen

Hal Alper
Assistant Professor


Our reserach focuses on engineering biology to produce biomolecules, biofuels, and pharmaceuticals using the tools of metabolic engineering and synthetic biology. The overall goal of metabolic and ... Hal Alper

Ronald J. Angel

David Arnold

David Arnold

Nigel Atkinson
Professor in Neuroscience


Tolerance is an insidious response to an addictive drug. It causes one to consume more of the drug and and speeds the user down the path of addiction. We study the molecular mechanisms underlying ... Nigel Atkinson



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