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Faculty Profiles

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James Walker
Professor in Molecular Genetics & Microbiology

My research interests include the mechanism by which the bacterial chromosome is replicated, how replication is controlled, and how replication is integrated with cell division. Specifically, we ...

James Walker

John Wallingford
Associate Professor in Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology


The process by which embryos acquire their final shape involves the coordination of cell fate decisions with cell movement. We are taking an integrated approach to understanding this process in ... John Wallingford

Jessica Wandelt
Lecturer, PHD

Jessica Wandelt

Tandy Warnow
Professor in Computer Sciences


Phylogenies (i.e. evolutionary trees) are fundamental to our understanding of evolution, and their inference is a major part of research in many areas of biology. With the production of increasing ... Tandy Warnow

Marvin Whiteley


Bacteria exhibit many social activities and represent a model for dissecting social behavior at the genetic level (recently defined as sociomicrobiology). One example of social behavior in bacteria ... Marvin Whiteley

Diane Whitmer
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Alexander Wild
Curator of Entomology

Claus Wilke
Professor in Integrative Biology


I am a computational biologist. I use bioinformatical and statistical methods to analyze biological data sets, in particular whole-genome and high-throughput data sets; I also develop mathematical ...

Claus Wilke



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