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Faculty Profiles

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David J. Eaton

Johann Eberhart
Associate Professor of Molecular Biosciences


How does a structure as complex as the vertebrate head form during development? How is variation in facial morphology generated both through evolution and in disease? Research in my lab aims at ... Johann  Eberhart

Lauren Ehrlich
Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology


T cells are master regulators of the adaptive immune system: they are essential for coordinating the appropriate immune response to different pathogens, and they are responsible for immunologic ... Lauren Ehrlich

Andy Ellington
Professor in Chemistry & Biochemistry
Wilson M. and Kathryn Fraser Research Professor In Biochemistry


The Ellington Lab is a biotechnology lab that engineers nucleic acids and proteins for biomedical and other applications. Nucleic acid biosensors (aptamers, ribozymes) and nucleic acid circuits (DNA ... Andy Ellington

Peter English
Lecturer, Ph.D.

Deana Erdner
Associate Professor




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