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Faculty Profiles

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Brandon Campitelli

David C. Cannatella
Curator of Herpetology, Texas Natural History Collections


Dr. Cannatella and students in his lab study the evolution of amphibians. Some areas of interest are the higher-level phylogeny of amphibians, biodiversity of Neotropical frogs, signal evolution in ... David C. Cannatella

Clarence Chan
Associate Professor in Molecular Genetics & Microbiology


Our research is focused on two basic processes that are critical for the proliferation and well being of all eukaryotic cells - chromosome segregation (i.e., mitosis) and the spatial control of cell ... Clarence Chan

Z. Jeffrey Chen
D. J. Sibley Centennial Professor in Plant Molecular Genetics


We study genetic and epigenetic mechanisms for gene expression changes in polyploids. Polyploidy, or whole-genome duplication (WGD), is an evolutionary innovation for all eukaryotes including some ... Z. Jeffrey Chen

Brenda Chinnery-Allgeier
Lecturer, Ph.D.

Raymond Chitwood
Research Scientist, Ph.D.

Raymond Chitwood

Grace Choy

Grace Choy

Gregory Clark
Senior Lecturer, Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Gregory Clark

Julia Clarke
Fellow of John A. Wilson Professorship in Vertebrate Paleontology


Julia Clarke

Laura Colgin
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience


Brain rhythms reflect synchronized activity across many neurons and thus provide a means for studying how groups of neurons coordinate their activity during complex cognitive functions such as ... Laura Colgin

Lydia Contreras
Assistant Professor


Our research combines biomolecular engineering, genetic studies and computational modeling to understand molecular features that lead to the specific recognition and interaction of RNAs and proteins. ... Lydia Contreras

Arthur Wesley Covert

David Crews
Ashbel Smith Professor of Integrative Biology, and Psychology


One of my research programs focuses on sex determination as a case study in how evolution has produced very different mechanisms for achieving the same end. Here I take advantage of the fact that in ... David  Crews

Molly Cummings
Associate Professor


My research focuses on the external and internal mechanisms that drive biodiversity in animal communication traits. I combine environmental measures, behavioral experiments in the lab, and molecular ... Molly Cummings



Bio Sci students