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Faculty Profiles

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Richard Taylor

Ed Theriot
Jane and Roland Blumberg Centennial Professor of Molecular Evolution
Director, Texas Memorial Museum

I study the evolution of diatoms in the context of earth history. My taxonomic focus is the diatom family Thalassiosiraceae, a family of marine and freshwater diatoms. There appears to have been a ... Ed Theriot

Ann Thijs

Peter Thomas
Professor, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist, Marine Sci Institute


My research interests are the endocrine control of reproduction in fishes and other vertebrates and the effects of environmental factors such as hypoxia and pollutants on reproductive function. ... Peter Thomas

Anne Tibbetts

M. Stephen Trent
Professor in Molecular Biosciences

In order to survive, bacteria must quickly respond to changes in the surrounding environment. We are interested in how diverse environmental stimuli promote changes in conserved microbial structures ... M. Stephen  Trent

Haley Tucker
Marie Betzner Morrow Centennial Chair and Professor of Cellular and Molecular Biology


We hope to better understand transcriptional regulation of hematopoetic and cardiovascular development and function in normal and diseased mice. Ongoing projects can be grouped operationally under ... Haley Tucker



Bio Sci students