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Faculty Profiles

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Timothy M. George
Adjunct Professor

George Georgiou
Professor in Chemical Engineering
Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering #9


Laboratory of Protein Therapeutics and Applied Immunology I was trained both in chemical engineering and in molecular biology. Throughout my career I have been studying problems related to ... George Georgiou

Larry Gilbert
Director, Brackenridge Field Laboratory


Dr. Gilbert's current research ranges from the analysis of coevolved traits of insects and plants to experimental population dynamics and developmental genetics of mimetic color patterns in ... Larry Gilbert

Randall Goldblum
Adjunct Professor

Nace Golding
Associate Professor in Neuroscience
Director, Institute for Neuroscience


Neuronal dendrites are elaborate, tree-like structures that receive up to thousands of excitatory and inhibitory synaptic connections. The morphology and electrical properties of the dendrites ... Nace Golding

Antonio Gonzalez
Research Educator

Laura Gonzalez
Research Fellow, Ph.D.

Vernita Gordon
Assistant Professor in Physics


Intercellular and extracellular interactions drive the formation of multicellular systems and the emergent behaviors that characterize these systems. In my group, we work to understand how cells ... Vernita Gordon

Ellen Gottlieb
Assistant Professor in Molecular Genetics & Microbiology


A) A primary focus of our work is to decipher the molecular mechanisms governing the exciting field of RNA transport/localization. This process is of fundamental importance in development and ...

Ellen Gottlieb

Gail Grabner

Robin Gutell
Professor in Integrative Biology


The remarkable advances in Nucleic Acid sequencing and Computer technology is transforming Biology to a new level of understanding. We are now attempting to understand many biological and ...

Robin Gutell



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