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Faculty Profiles

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Gregory Palmer
Lecturer, Ph.D.

Gregory Palmer

Jose L. Panero
Associate Professor
Assistant Director, Plant Resources Center

As a plant systematist, Dr. Panero is interested in the distribution, diversity, and evolution of flowering plants. His research focuses on the elucidation of phylogenetic relationships among ... Jose L. Panero

Camille Parmesan


Parmesan's early research focused on multiple aspects of population biology, including the ecology, evolution and behaviors of insect/plant interactions. For the past several years, the focus of her ... Camille Parmesan

John Partridge

Tanya Paull
Professor in Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator


Research in the lab is focused on the DNA damage response in eukaryotic cells, specifically the checkpoint activation and DNA repair responses that occur immediately after the introduction of ...

Tanya Paull

Shelley Payne
Professor of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
University Distinguished Teaching Professor


We are interested in the genetics and regulation of virulence factors of gram negative pathogens, including Shigella and Vibrio cholerae. Members of the Shigella species are found both ... Shelley Payne

Steven Phelps
Associate Professor


The lab employs a diverse array of approaches, ranging from computational models to the molecular analysis of gene expression. This work is strongly anchored in empirical studies of animal behavior ... Steven Phelps

Eric R. Pianka
Denton A. Cooley Centennial Professor


My interests are ever changing but have included population and community ecology, evolutionary ecology, natural history of desert lizards, resource partitioning, reproductive tactics, foraging ... Eric R. Pianka

Jon Pierce
Associate Professor of Neuroscience


We are currently focused on two issues: 1) What are the underlying causes and potential cures for Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease? We hope to help create the first medicines that ... Jon Pierce

Martin Poenie
Associate Professor in Molecular Biosciences


We are interested in the cell biology of T cells and how they carry out their effector functions. In particular we are want to know how signaling events lead to reorganization of the T cell ... Martin Poenie

George Pollak
Professor in Neuroscience


My principal interests are in elucidating how circuits in the mammalian brain transform information in sensory systems and how populations of neurons then represent features of the external world. ...

George Pollak

Mary Poteet
Lecturer, Ph.D.

William Press
Professor of Computer Sciences and Integrative Biology
Warren J. and Viola M. Raymer Chair


My work is in computational biology, especially whole-genome studies. My collaborators and I develop and test new algorithms for finding and characterizing functional sequence, and for understanding ... William  Press

Alison Preston
Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience


My research focuses on understanding memory and how it is implemented in the human brain. Using a combination of behavioral and brain imaging techniques, my research explores how we form new ... Alison Preston

Nicholas Priebe
Associate Professor in Neuroscience


The massive expansion of cerebral cortex is a hallmark of the human brain. We know that the cortex plays an essential role in our perceptions and actions. Sensory inputs from the periphery are ... Nicholas Priebe



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